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A Reincarnation Story from My Son

I want to share a story about my four-year-old son and his possible past life experience. Two weeks ago he left me speechless with tears in my eyes because of his sudden confession. This happened during bath time. As I was drying him, he whispered to me, "Mommy, I came to kill myself."

When he said this, I was almost unable to move a muscle. I didn't want to interrupt whatever he was trying to tell me. Feeling as though I might cry, I asked him in a whisper what he meant. For a second, it felt like a premonition about the future (I actually cried to my husband about it after my son was in bed.) Then he said, "Mommy, I died yesterday. I was in jail and a man killed me. You made me alive yesterday."

When he told me, "You made me alive yesterday," he almost sounded grateful. I took it to mean that because I wanted a son, I gave him the opportunity to be born once again. I asked him if he was now happy and he nodded his head. I was relieved but blown away. He has never been very talkative, but has been known to make up "stories" about monsters hurting him when he comes home from school with a bruise or a cut. My husband thinks this is just another colorful story, but he gives me the right to my own beliefs since I believe in reincarnation and he doesn't.

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Posted March 26, 2010