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A Toddler Remembers

For years we lived in a very old house. And as old houses tend to do, things creaked with age and worked loose in places here and there.

My youngest son, at the time less than sixteen months old, would see a loose nail in a doorframe or baseboard and go fetch the hammer. He wielded the hammer like a pro, with his hand well back on the handle, and in no time the nail would be snug.

Witnessing one of these times, his father asked him where he learned to do that. My son's reply: "I knew how to do that from before." Before when? When he was asked, my son replied matter-of-factly, "from before I was born."

How does a less than sixteen-month-old child even formulate the thoughts to relay such a statement, unless it was true?

Sue M.
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Posted July 3, 2007