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I would like some form of "confirmation" of two things I experienced. I'm not sure if they were only dreams or really memories from a past life.

The first experience was about two years ago. I woke up during the night smelling a wet forest. For a fleeting moment I saw an image of dense, tall trees and a forest floor covered with ferns, and heard the sound of water dripping somewhere. There were no other sounds. As soon as it came, it was gone, but the strangest thing is that the smell lingered in my bedroom for a long time afterward. I've never been in a forest before, but the feeling I got was that of utter calmness and serenity.

The second experience is a dream I had one night. I was in my body as I know it and looking at my clothing which appeared to be the same as that of the present time. I was standing next to a ruin which spread out in front of me, and I sensed it as being a wall. I took photos of the place, and someone took photos of me sitting on a certain area of rocks from this ruin. I distinctly felt like a tourist, as though a distant longing had been satisfied during this trip. I experienced the "I am home at last!" feeling. At the time, I believed that all of this was just a dream. I felt very, very happy and excited afterwards, but the feeling subsided and a sadness settled over me.

About a week later I borrowed a book about Istanbul from a friend of mine. Although I've always wanted to visit Turkey, I've never been there and this was the first book about Turkey which I had ever read. I looked through the book and everything seemed very interesting, until I turned a page and got the shock of my life. On this page was a clear and distinct photograph of the scene I had witnessed in my dream. And in the center of this picture was the same set of rocks which I had sat on to have my picture taken.

In both experiences, the feelings I had were intense and overwhelming. It felt very real. Could this really be flashes from a past life? Another thing, how does one distinguish between what is real and what is just a dream?

John's response: Your statement that it felt real, or that it was different from any dream you have ever had, is a telling detail. I don't have any doubt that these are glimpses of former lives. The descriptions you give are typical of the statements of those who have past-life recalls. The confirmation in the second recall is wonderful, and appears to be a sign that you are supposed to take this seriously and update your belief system. Also, I think it's perfectly possible for some dreams to be actual past-life recalls. But there is a quality about the dream, or the waking recall, which sets it apart from every other experience. When you have a vision like that, which you can't adequately describe to anyone who has not had it, you don't need someone else to confirm it. You know it's true.

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Posted June 28, 2004