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Murdered in a Windmill

I didn't always believe in reincarnation but dreams I've had in the past compelled me to change my mind about it.

Once i dreamed of being in a different place, in a different time. I looked different but I knew it was me. I remember wearing a dark cloak and being chased by a rider in black. He rode on a huge black stallion. I couldn't see his face.

In the dream I was terrified. I knew I was going to die at the hands of the rider. I ran in what looked like a valley with sparse trees. Then windmills came into view. I went into one of the windmills, and climbed until I reached the topmost part of the mill.

The rider was right behind me. Suddenly, without saying a word, he stabbed me in the chest. I didn't feel the pain. I woke up crying and for a moment, I actually remembered being murdered in a different place and in a different time.

Up to this very moment, I am fascinated by windmills even though there are no windmills in my country. Show me a picture of one, I'll stare at it for hours. I never really understood why before, but now I know.

"Honey" haniko peñaranda

Posted Feb. 22, 2009