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After Death Communciation Story
Two Grandpas

Eleanor was married to Andy. Andy had died about four years before this incident, at a time when his granddaughter, Renee, was four months old. Renee had seen pictures of him and heard the family speak of him, but did not remember him personally.

Eleanor remarried and her second husband, Bob, died Jan. 1, 1997. He had been the principal and assistant superintendent at a school in New York State, so the memorial service was held in the high school gym.

Renee had turned five years old a month earlier. She referred her step-grandfather Poppa Bob and had met him on several occasions. At the funeral, various individuals were telling stories about Bob and one was speaking at this moment.

Renee was sitting on her mother's lap next to Eleanor when she smiled and started to wave. Eleanor ignored it, thinking she was waving at one of the ministers. Renee turned to her and said, "Poppa Bob waved at me." Later, in the car, they asked her, "What was Poppa Bob doing?" She said, "He was talking to Poppa Andy."

Although the family was startled by this statement, they asked, "What were they talking about?" Renee said, "Poppa Bob was telling Poppa Andy about me, because he's starting to forget."